48 Hours in Galway  

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Known for its lively atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty, Galway is the perfect destination for a weekend or midweek getaway. A 48 hour stay in Galway promises an unforgettable experience filled with lively culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Make the most of your time in Galway during your stay at Imperial Hotel Galway.  


Day 1:   

Start your day by strolling through the charming streets of Galway’s city centre. Just off the doorstep at Imperial Hotel Galway is Eyre Square, the heart of the city. Why not wader around and admire the iconic Browne Doorway before venturing towards Shop Street. Immerse yourself in the city as you explore the boutique shops, traditional pubs, and street performers.  


Next, head to the Galway City Museum, located on the banks of the River Corrib. This award-winning museum offers insight into Galway’s history and cultural heritage, showcasing exhibitions on archaeology, art, and local folklore.  


In the afternoon you can enjoy a leisurely carvery lunch at 1810 Restaurant and Bar located in Imperial Hotel Galway. Don’t forget to savour a pint of Guinness, a staple of Irish hospitality.  


As the sun sets, immerse yourself in Galway’s vibrant nightlife. Wander down Quay Street, known for its lively pubs and traditional music sessions. Grab a front-row seat in a pub and enjoy the lively tunes of talented musicians while mingling with friendly locals.  


Day 2:  

Start your day early with Imperial Hotel Galway breakfast before you embark on a scenic drive along the Wild Atlantic Way. Take in the breathtaking views as you make your way to Connemara National Park. You can explore the park’s rugged landscape, hike up Diamond Hill for panoramic views, or simply take a leisurely walk through the picturesque trails.  


Return to Galway in the evening and spend your last night savouring the city’s culinary delights. Zappi’s Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant with meals to make your mouth water, including a selection of pizzas, pastas and other Italian classics, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  


End your evening by catching a performance at one of Galway’s renowned theatres or live music venues. The city boasts a vibrant arts scene, with numerous options for theatre, music, and dance performances.  

Robyn Hurley

Robyn Hurley

Robyn Hurley is a keen traveller with a big heart for animals. She writes about her journeys and loves sharing tips on where to go. Galway is one of her favorite spots to visit and write about. She also loves meeting new animal friends on her trips. Her stories will help you plan an unforgettable trip.

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