Terms and Conditions
Group Bookings at
Imperial Hotel Galway
Terms & Conditions

Our Policy

  • A group booking constitutes a booking of 5 or more rooms.
  • Whether a group is made through one organiser or booked as individual reservations made in succession, the hotel may pool the individual bookings into one group booking and our group terms and conditions will apply.
  • Non-refundable 10% deposit required on confirmation of group booking with signed contract/or agreement to our terms and conditions if group is booked via one of our third partner providers.
  • Final non-refundable balance of 90% will be required 4 weeks prior to arrival along with a rooming list.
  • Failure to provide payment or rooming list by the due date will result in the group reservation being cancelled.
  • We do not offer free places. All rates are non-commissionable.
  • Rates are inclusive of VAT, should the VAT rate increase, rates will be adjusted accordingly.
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Sep 2019
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